Sense and not sense #6 acrylic and ash on fabric, 2014

sense and not sense #5   acrylic, graphite, oil on fabric, 2014

   sense and not sense #8    acrylic, graphite, oil on fabric,  2014

sense and not sense #4  acrylic on fabric, 2014

sense and not sense #3"  acrylic on fabric, 2014

sense and not sense #7"  acrylic on fabric, 2014

Sense and not sense #9 acrylic and ash on fabric,  2014

Sense and not sense #1 acrylic on fabric, 2014

Untitled (Spectacle #1)  acrylic on fabric, wire, wood, and plastic, 2014


Sense and Not Sense (paintings)
Does it make sense to paint something so fast that you don't have time to critique, edit, overthink, or talk yourself out of it? Or does doing it so fast not make sense because sense involves time and the senses? 
So, sense or not sense? 
In that bright shining moment even the question was suspended. Just me and the paint. For a moment at least. 

Spectacle (sculpture)
My general resistance to sculpture is that it's mostly too slow, too laborious, and too precious. Also cumbersome, heavy, and expensive.
I want it to happen directly and easily out of materials at hand. It should be mutable, insubstantial and cheap, made and re-made in a moment. Like painting. If I make sculpture it will be something to hang paint on. Like a painting.


Robert Hoerlein’s paintings and sculptures have been exhibited throughout the United States including Solo exhibitions at Lawson Gallery and Steuart Street Gallery in San Francisco; Zane Bennett Gallery in Santa Fe; Mills College and ICON Gallery in Iowa. Selected group shows include The Drawing Center and Scott Hanson Gallery, New York City; Zane Bennett Gallery, Santa Fe; The Des Moines Art Center, Moberg Gallery, ICON and Coe College in Iowa; the Palm Springs Desert Museum, California; the Art Center and Buchanan Center for the Arts, in Illinois.

His work has been reviewed and featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, the Des Moines Register, the Albuquerque Journal, the Cedar Rapids Gazette and the internet blog “Painter’s Bread”: Collaborations with other artists have been published in USA Today, the San Francisco Examiner, India Today, the Journal of Providence Rhode Island, Oregonian of Portland Oregon, and UFO Today.

Awards include honorariums from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Des Moines Art Center, Iowa Artists: 1988, Best of Show.
Robert Hoerlein received a BA in Art from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Born in Ames Iowa, Hoerlein lives and works in Fairfield, Iowa.

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