Wax Nest       Sisal and wax,  2010

Recipient    appliqu├ęd copper, copper wire, glass, 2010

Nursery III     copper, nylon, wool, found object, 2010

Octopus Chair    computer cables, felt, bamboo stuffing, 2009


Nature is the perfection of design in structure, form, function, material, and color, and is the source of all aspects of my work. I make art to express my absorbing visual relationship with the natural world and to create a link for those who may have lost touch with this world in the fast pace of modern society. I spend much of my time in natural places, observing, drawing and photographing the plants, animals and geological formations I find. By distilling the essence of the forms and movement of natural objects, I present their elemental beauty in an unexpected visual matrix through my methods, materials and personal expression. I push for unusual solutions, crossing many disciplines of art to bring together techniques and materials that express my individual response to Nature. The unusual combination of materials and techniques puts the natural world in a new setting that allows for a fresh appreciation of its beauty and it’s complexities. By challenging preconceived expectations with surprising and contrasting combinations, the viewer is encouraged to notice aspects of Nature that they might otherwise overlook. It is my intention that the strong connection I feel to these natural forms is expressed through each piece of artwork I create, whether I am painting in acrylic, crocheting in linen and wire, drawing in pencil for an intaglio print or for a collaged mixed media piece.

I enjoy finding different avenues in which to engage nature and understand it more deeply in my artwork. It is the ongoing relationship I have with the natural world that I translate visually in my art.


Amber O’Harrow received her BFA in Textile Design and Fiber Art from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991.  After many years of working as an artist in the United Kingdom and France, she returned to the USA to study at the University of Iowa, where she completed her MA in Metal Arts and 3-D Design in 2010 and then her MFA in Metal Arts and Sculpture in 2010.  While at the University of Iowa, Amber studied  with the world renowned fiber and metal artist Chunghi Choo and Virginia Myers, and expert in the field of printmaking.  She works in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, placing a strong emphasis on textile structures and natural forms.  She considers herself an integrated medium artist, working in many techniques and materials in order to express her work in a clearer and more intuitive way.  Amber’s artwork has been exhibited in shows across the US and Europe.   She has work in the permanent collections of both the Grassi Musuem in Leipzig, Germany and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile.  Her public artwork can be seen in Coralville, Iowa, at the Coralville Performing Arts Center and the River Landing Sculpture Park.

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